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Welcome to Spring Sight! I'm glad you're here and I am praying you will be encouraged by what you read. For a little more on me, read my blogger profile.

Spring Sight is my personal blog about life with chronic illness and other thoughts on how to grow closer to God and live life with more abundance and gratitude. I share my challenges and victories, my hopes and fears, some practical tips and some theological musings. It is a melting pot of prose, with a sprinkling of thought-provoking devotions. To get the most from it, I recommend subscribing to it via email or searching by a particular topic. I've tried to tag each entry with relevant subject matter keywords. You can also find the entry titles listed by date in the sidebar.

For more on my life with rheumatoid disease (also called rheumatoid arthritis) and why I began this blog, click here to read My Story on Health Central.

There are many excellent resources for learning about rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and the practicalities of living with it, and there are some support groups in which to get advice on medications and other aspects of the disease. I have listed some in the Helpful Resources page. In this blog, however, my primary goal is to share my journey from a spiritual perspective, to provide hope and inspiration to those suffering from RA and other chronic illnesses (and their families).

If you are reading this, but are not suffering from a chronic illness, you are still welcome here. My perspectives on faith (and stories in this blog) come from a life filled with many different kinds of trials. It is through those trials - some of my own making and some not - that I have learned to trust in a power greater than myself, God Almighty as expressed in the Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. I pray you will find Him now and that He will bestow upon you His peace that passes understanding, as you seek Him.

Peace, love and joy to you, today and every day.

Linda Perkins

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