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Spring Sight isn't a medical blog, per se. Even though my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis was the genesis for the blog, and I certainly do write articles on what it's like to have RA, it isn't strictly for people with RA. It's for anyone with chronic illness or pain, or even people just going through a tough time who are seeking spiritual support for their lives. My prayer is that as you share in my journey with rheumatoid disease and other life challenges, you will be encouraged to trust in God, as I have, and to be strengthened by His presence in your life. I hope you will subscribe by email for updates or bookmark this site to visit from time to time.

In addition to my blog, there are some other groups and online resources I have found helpful, both as sources of medical information and emotional/spiritual support. Here are a few:

My Story on Health Central - This page links to rheumatoid patient stories, told in their own words. Among others, it contains my personal story on how I was diagnosed with RA and how my life has changed since then.

Spring Sight music playlist - If you have the Spotify app, you can join me in being uplifted by some of the best Christian songs that encourage believers going through tough times. Songs by Chris Tomlin, Laura Story, Britt Nicole, Addison Road, Matthew West and more.

Why is This Happening? A collection of video testimonials from individuals facing crises in their lives, who learned the answer to their most asked question of "Why??"

A Prayer for Healing - This page on Crosswalk contains a Christian prayer for healing, as well as Bible verses that talk about God's mighty power to heal. Not a Christian? Learn more about who God is and how much He loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.

29 Things Only Someone With RA Would Understand - A lighthearted look at RA via a cute series of cartoons that illustrate everyday scenarios for rheumatoid arthritis patients. I can't relate to all of them (yet) but some will definitely make you laugh. :-)

17 Problems Only People with Autoimmune Diseases Would Understand - Similar to the above referenced page, but with video clips. Totally funny and totally true. Good not only for patients, but for family and friends.

Living With Chronic Pain - What Everyone Should Know - This article talks primarily to friends and family members of those with chronic pain, to help them understand better how to support their loved ones.

Chronically Funny - A video by model and activist Caylee Shea, illustrating (with a sense of humor) the everyday challenges of those with chronic illnesses such as inflammatory arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis (blog) - A great blog written from a scientific standpoint, by an RA patient. Andrew is very thorough in his research and so if you are looking for objectivity on some of the latest medical information, while still maintaining a personal (patient) perspective, this is a blog to check out.

RA Blogs - This list of blog was compiled by Andrew and is actually a page on his Living with RA blog site. There are a variety of perspectives represented, but they are largely written by RA patients and share their personal stories of their experiences with rheumatoid arthritis.

RA Guy - What began years ago as a blog described as "Adventures of a superhero on his journey through chronic pain and debilitating inflammation" has expanded to include a support group, a 60-second guide to RA, featured profiles of others with RA, and a community blog roll (which I feel blessed to be included in). It's a great all-around place to connect with others who have RA.

RA Warrior - This blog is written by Kelly Young and may be one of the most comprehensive RA blogs around for researching various medical aspects of the disease. She is not only a patient, but has become an activist for RD (rheumatoid disease) awareness. She is the president of the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation.

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society - This is a British organization that has some great info on RA.

Arthritis Foundation - As much as sufferers of RA don't care for it being lumped in with the name "arthritis" because it is often confused with the degenerative form that occurs mostly in the elderly (versus the much more disabling, life-threatening autoimmune disease it is, which can strike at any age), there is some great information and inspiring stories on this website. Even though RA and OA may be different, some of the tools for coping are similar. For my readers who suffer from other forms of arthritis besides RA, this is for you!

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) - An organization that covers the broad spectrum of autoimmune disorders that, combined, affect 50 million Americans.

Joyce Meyer Ministries - This is just one of several ministries that has helped me tremendously in my walk with Christ. Joyce has been through a lot - sexual abuse, divorce, cancer - and she shares candidly about her life struggles and what the Bible says we can do to overcome fear and other hindrances to a fulfilled life.

Forever Hope - This book is by my pastor's wife, Laura Shook, who chronicled her battle with cancer. Her detailed, day-by-day account is inspiring to say the least, as she trusted God throughout her journey from diagnosis to recovery. I am blessed to know this incredible lady and I am sure her book will give hope to many.

12-Step Programs - This is not a link, but rather a suggestion. These days, there is a 12-step program for just about everything from alcoholism to codependency to gambling addiction. There are also programs for friends and relatives of those with addictions. My own experience is that these programs WORK for learning to live on life's terms, trusting God in all circumstances. I personally have several good 12-step books for Christians and have been involved with a 12-step program. It has helped me to not only overcome some baggage of the past, but also helps me in my day-to-day life as a God-follower. I highly recommend at least picking up one of the paperback books I have - "The 12 Steps to Happiness" and "The Twelve Steps for Christians" - which are not related to any specific issue other than life itself. Working the 12 steps has radically changed (for the better) my relationship with God. It has taken me from trusting Jesus as my savior to trusting Him with my life.

God bless your journey, wherever you are on it!

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