Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Heart of a Father, the Heart of God (Guest Post)

Today, I am happy to introduce Terri Fullerton as my guest blogger. I met Terri at a Christian writers conference recently and her ability to see spiritual truth in everyday events is remarkable. 

Terri loves stories of redemption and things that are funny, and she encourages others toward hope and freedom. She also longs to share how big and loving God has been in her own life. When Terri is not writing or researching stories, she is often outside. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, traveling and photography. Terri is contributing writer at The Glorious Table, Life Letter Cafe, and Huffington Post Blog. 

The Heart of a Father, the Heart of God

In January of 1982 I stood frozen before the television as a breaking news report interrupted whatever show I’d been watching.  Shortly after takeoff from Washington, DC a plane bound for Florida hit the 14th Street Bridge in a winter storm and plummeted into the icy Potomac River.

There were six survivors, initially, clinging to the tail of the plane, a small island of hope in the freezing water. Emergency response teams arrived quickly, but access was limited by the river’s thick ice.

They say you can survive in freezing water for only 30 minutes.

People were lined up on the streets to watch through the snow. Hearts in shock. Hearts racing. Hearts praying. Feet paralyzed and powerless.

Nineteen minutes later a helicopter arrived and hovered over the wreckage. The crew lowered a lifeline and started taking survivors to land, one at a time. Time is critical. The rope went to Priscilla Tirado, but her arms and hands were numb and she couldn't grab it.

She cried out.

The rope went to another survivor.

I remember gasping hard.

On his way home from work, Lenny Skutnik had witnessed the crash and watched, along with many onlookers, as the scene unfolded. When he saw Priscilla Tirado unable to grab the rope, he tore off his winter coat and ran toward the Potomac River.

Did others see beyond the near white out conditions in this winter storm?

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Releasing the Ghosts of the Past originally appeared on The Glorious Table and TerriFullerton.com, and is used on Spring Sight with permission.

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  1. Yes God does see beyond our vision. I know in my case God sees beyond me everyday.

    1. You are so right, Rick. God is ready to do immeasurably more in our lives than we can see, dream or even imagine! We just have to trust His heart.